Here’s What You Need to Know About Rose Fever

Are you planning to gift a bouquet of rose flowers to your closed people? Well, most of the individuals prefer to give rose flower bouquet, as a rose is termed as the most beautiful flower. If you are staying away and planning to send flowers to Delhi through a service provider, you need to pay proper attention.

Mainly, it has been observed that some flower service providers use unhygienic rose plants, which cause rose fever. Yes, it’s a fact that, the rose bouquet which you gift to your near or dear ones can cause them severe hay fever. Well, this is the main reason, you should avail flower delivery services only from certified and reputed flower service providers.

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Rose fever is a hay fever, which is caused by inhaling the pollens of rose. Lacrimation and Nasal Discharge also characterise this sensitive fever. Well, to make you more aware of the Rose fever, below here some vital information has been keenly described.

  • The rose fever is also termed as seasonal allergic rhinitis, as the allergens mainly target the nasal passage. Around 5- 20% of world population are affected by this fever every year. Well, the rose pollens are not always the reason behind rose fever. Sometimes, the exposure of nasal mucosa to airborne antigens, initiate the IgE production and thus the hay fever is observed.
  • The rose fever mainly affects the upper respiratory tract, especially Nasopharynx. So, you need to take necessary precautions immediately. In case, you are neglecting the treatment procedure; there are high chances; you are leading towards a danger zone.
  • According to experts, some common symptoms of Rose fever include Black eyes, throat clearing, difficulties in airflow, excessive coughing, ageusia, anosmia, rhinorrhoea, tearing, Ocular pruritus, nasal congestion, and Sneezing. In case, you are observing these symptoms; it is recommended to consult with a specialist immediately.
  • The experienced doctors start the treatment immediately, by the intensity of Rose fever. Mainly, the doctors prefer to test the skin to determine the allergens in the body. But again, some doctors also prefer to measure the IgE serum. Well, diagnosis with skin testing is considered as the most effective method for diagnosing Rose fever.

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  • After making a proper diagnosis, the experts start the immunotherapy procedure. To reduce the effect of allergens in the body, doctors mainly prescribe for decongestants, sympathomimetic amines, corticosteroids, and many more.

Well, there is nothing to worry about Rose fever. But as it is said that prevention is better than cure, avail the flowery delivery services from reputed service providers only if you want to send flowers to Delhi or any other city.

Jaipur Shopping Scene – A Quick Guide

Jaipur, the beautiful Pink City of India is a shopper’s heaven. It is also a popular tourist destination on India tourism map. While you are here on a vacation, make sure that you explore the colorful markets and shop some unique items. The experience is just unique.

The all star studded movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which released recently is has every bit of a big budget film and India (as the movie is based on it) plays its supporting character with great elegance and equal charm. Light pink turbans, marble palaces, magnificent forts, roaming cows, painted elephants and flickering candles tell of the sound, odors and vibrant colours of the state that is flamboyant. The movie is based in its capital, Jaipur. While it may not be too early to see Richard Gere in the crowded alleyways of the bazaars, you’ll spot a lot of other desired things.

Jaipur ShoppingJaipur is a shopper’s heaven and Indians travelers and shoppers throng to the city for the area’s hand-made and silks, block-printed cottons. This is likewise considered the area to come for jewels. The jewels aren’t mined here, but cut, polished and placed better than somewhere else. To testify that you may visit the famous the Gem Palace, the iconic jeweler of Jaipur with links dating back to the era of Mughals. Here are enamel rings with flowery mughal designs and moonstone necklaces, ruby chandelier earrings. It’s possible for you to observe them being produced inside their cellar workshop, using the techniques, which have been passed down the generations.

In addition, you may also visit the popular Bangle Lane in the old part of the city, which the perfect spot to shop bangles from a multitude of options and for a handful of rupees. Made from resin made by the lac insect, they can be embedded with mirror pieces, rocks, beads or painted.

For trend, Hot Pink is the most innovative site, with high-collared men’s waistcoats and moccasins in all colors, along with kaftans and shawls.

The top block-printed materials are at Riddhi Siddhi, where material is stacked from floor to ceiling. Drift through the spice market where you’ll see paan wallahs filling betel leaves, as well as the flower market, where aromatic jasmine scented roses and marigolds are made into garlands to offer to the deities you follow the most.

Additionally, take the chance to go to with the City Palace that is iconic. The reigning king, who used to rule from Amer chose to switch base to Jaipur where this Palace was built by him as its first landmark. Constituting of Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal, this Palace was enlarged since its beginning in 1727. With intricate buildings and incredible workmanship, the Palace speaks of unimagined abundance and splendor. The palace is the highlight of Jaipur city and needless to say without a visit to it, your trip is simply incomplete. It is a treat to the eyes as it features the best mix of Indian and European styles of architecture and is an impressive representation of beautiful buildings built based on Vastu Shastra.

Indeed Jaipur is full of unique tourist attractions and allures, and is ideal not just for a shopper but also for every kind of backpacker. Catch the next flight to the Pink City from the nearest airport and spend a wonderful vacation. It is advisable to use different flight search engines to find the flights and ticket fares, say Bangalore to Jaipur flights price, and finally use the one that offers the best deal.

Sikkim Tourism and Its Offerings

For those who are deeply and madly in love, they all are aware of how the feeling is! But for those, who are still finding for their perfect match, but all going in vain, must visit Sikkim! The reason being, it is one such place that holds a magical charm and embraces everyone with an open heart. So, what you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan a quick trip to this paradise on earth!


Well, though it is the second smallest state in the entire country, its bountiful beauty, pleasant ambience and the warm hearted locals will make you feel larger than life. In addition to this, the various delightful offerings of Sikkim tourism will keep you soaked with their irresistible charm and add more pleasant moment to your holiday.

Landlocked in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim tour packages offer a range of places to visit, things to do and amazing experiences. Among the places that must be visited includes Gangtok; the capital city of Sikkim, Yuksom; the origin of more than dozen of enthralling treks, Tsomgo Lake; one of the highest lakes in the world, Nathula Pass; or the ‘Silk Road’, Pelling; an ideal place to witness the Kanchenjunga Peak, Lachung; a sought after snow destination in Sikkim, Ravangla; the abode of several treks, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology; centre for learning the ideology and preaching of Buddhism, and several others.


For those, who are looking for some amazing and fun-filled things to do, Sikkim tourism has an ample of options for them as well! For the ardent lovers of the hills and the mountains, no other places in the country can replace the charm and delight of trekking in Sikkim. Some of the popular Sikkim treks are Dzongri Trek, Khangchendzonga Trek, Green Lake Trek, Singalila Trek, Tosar Lake Trek and lots more.

Sikkim tour packages also offers other enthralling activities like paragliding in the Chakung region; around 3 hours from Gangtok, river rafting in the Teesta and Rangit rivers, mountain biking in and around destinations like Rumtek, Temi, Namchi and others. Hang gliding and yak safari are also two of the amazing experiences to have while enjoying Sikkim tourism and the opulent beauty of the state.

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Last, but not the least, while visiting this picturesque state, you must experience its local homestays and their warm hospitality. They will not only get you acquainted with Sikkim’s traditions, but will also offer you the most lively impression of life amidst the mountains!

Kashmir, a Paradise for the Tourists

Undoubtedly the paradise on earth, the heaven of snow and magical beauty, Jammu and Kashmir needs no introduction! The jewel in the crown of India, this beautiful state boasts of being one of the major and most sought after tourist destinations in the country. And to add more to your Kashmir holidays, there are the overwhelming and ample of options offered by Jammu Kashmir tourism that allows you to visit almost all the nook and corner of the state.

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One state that showcases many different colors of the nature and history; leisure and seasonal tourism with Jammu and Kashmir tour packages always become a fun-filled and exciting affair. Whether you plan a trip to this quaint state with your family members; young or old, the charm and joy of your vacation will remain the same. Visit this state with your friends or colleagues, and you will never be disappointed!

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Also, it is such a state that always satiates all the yearning of its visitors; whether you are a history lover or searching for some solitude moments, an adventure freak or planning for your honeymoon trip, Jammu and Kashmir tourism always proves to be the liveliest option. In addition to the gorgeous locations spreading all over, Kashmir also offers several enthralling spots to the thrill seekers and admirers.

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Take a delightful gondola ride with family and friends; enjoy the pristine and untouched aerial views of the snow-covered mountains, gorgeous lakes and evergreen meadows! Take a hike to some of the most enthralling spots, hire a pony and ride to some of the hidden spots that cannot be reached on foot! Enjoy Shikara rides or houseboat stays in the magnificent Dal Lake in Srinagar, visit Sonamarg or the ‘Meadow of Gold’, walk through the splendid saffron fields, delight in the valley of colourful flowers in Gulmarg and revel in the mesmerising beauty of nature!


Most of the Jammu and Kashmir tour packages can be availed all throughout the year as it is a year-round destination. While the summers in Jammu brings in a new vibe and colour, winter clads the entire of the state with the most untouched form of white! For those who love the vibrant colour of the Mother Nature, summer proves to be the ideal time to visit Jammu. And for those, who yearns for more fun, excitement and thrill, winter is indeed the best time to avail the Jammu and Kashmir tour packages.

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