Shopping Jaipur

Jaipur Shopping Scene – A Quick Guide

Jaipur, the beautiful Pink City of India is a shopper’s heaven. It is also a popular tourist destination on India tourism map. While you are here on a vacation, make sure that you explore the colorful markets and shop some unique items. The experience is just unique.

The all star studded movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which released recently is has every bit of a big budget film and India (as the movie is based on it) plays its supporting character with great elegance and equal charm. Light pink turbans, marble palaces, magnificent forts, roaming cows, painted elephants and flickering candles tell of the sound, odors and vibrant colours of the state that is flamboyant. The movie is based in its capital, Jaipur. While it may not be too early to see Richard Gere in the crowded alleyways of the bazaars, you’ll spot a lot of other desired things.

Jaipur ShoppingJaipur is a shopper’s heaven and Indians travelers and shoppers throng to the city for the area’s hand-made and silks, block-printed cottons. This is likewise considered the area to come for jewels. The jewels aren’t mined here, but cut, polished and placed better than somewhere else. To testify that you may visit the famous the Gem Palace, the iconic jeweler of Jaipur with links dating back to the era of Mughals. Here are enamel rings with flowery mughal designs and moonstone necklaces, ruby chandelier earrings. It’s possible for you to observe them being produced inside their cellar workshop, using the techniques, which have been passed down the generations.

In addition, you may also visit the popular Bangle Lane in the old part of the city, which the perfect spot to shop bangles from a multitude of options and for a handful of rupees. Made from resin made by the lac insect, they can be embedded with mirror pieces, rocks, beads or painted.

For trend, Hot Pink is the most innovative site, with high-collared men’s waistcoats and moccasins in all colors, along with kaftans and shawls.

The top block-printed materials are at Riddhi Siddhi, where material is stacked from floor to ceiling. Drift through the spice market where you’ll see paan wallahs filling betel leaves, as well as the flower market, where aromatic jasmine scented roses and marigolds are made into garlands to offer to the deities you follow the most.

Additionally, take the chance to go to with the City Palace that is iconic. The reigning king, who used to rule from Amer chose to switch base to Jaipur where this Palace was built by him as its first landmark. Constituting of Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal, this Palace was enlarged since its beginning in 1727. With intricate buildings and incredible workmanship, the Palace speaks of unimagined abundance and splendor. The palace is the highlight of Jaipur city and needless to say without a visit to it, your trip is simply incomplete. It is a treat to the eyes as it features the best mix of Indian and European styles of architecture and is an impressive representation of beautiful buildings built based on Vastu Shastra.

Indeed Jaipur is full of unique tourist attractions and allures, and is ideal not just for a shopper but also for every kind of backpacker. Catch the next flight to the Pink City from the nearest airport and spend a wonderful vacation. It is advisable to use different flight search engines to find the flights and ticket fares, say Bangalore to Jaipur flights price, and finally use the one that offers the best deal.