6 Days Itinerary for Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the popular Hill stations in Jammu and Kashmir and is especially known for hiking and skiing activities. It is one of the highest Gondolas in the world, which reaches about 13,054 ft. Thus, it offers great sceneries and views from the top. Indeed, Gulmarg is a great destination to enjoy far away from the hectic urban lifestyle. There are some places in Gulmarg, which you shouldn’t miss. Here, we have described 6 days itinerary for Gulmarg trip.

Day 1 (Apharwat peak and Gulmarg Alpine Guides)

You can start the tour around 10 am, after having the breakfast in the hotel. Well, to rejuvenate your soul, it is recommended to start the journey from the Apharwat peak. This peak stands at the height of 14,403 ft from sea level. Thus, it is always covered with snow peaks. For this reason, Apharwat peak is greatly appreciated by skiers and snowboarders.

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In summers, you can enjoy the horse rides along the valleys and can cherish the soothing atmosphere. After touring through the Apharwat peaks, you should move to the Gulmarg Alpines. The wide and open snowfields in the alpines greatly offer you a pristine destination for trekking, snowboarding, skiing and other winter adventures.

Day 2 (Baba Reshi Shrine, Imambara Goom, St Mary’s Church, Gulmarg Golf course)

On the Day 2, you can start the journey from Baba Reshi Shrine. This temple is one of the traditional temples in Gulmarg. It was built a thousand years ago, and since then God is being worshipped here. After then, you can move forward to Imambara Goom, which is termed as the most beautiful architectural building in Gulmarg.

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Then comes the St Mary’s Church, where you need to spend a minimum of 1 hour. This church reflects the beauty of craftsmanship in the historical phase. After you are done with those indoor monuments, it’s high time for some outdoor activities. Reach the Gulmarg Golf course by afternoon and witness the pure beauty with your eyes.

Day 3 (Rani Temple and Lolab Valley)

Start the journey a little early, as there is a lot to cover on Day 3. First visit the Rani Temple in Gulmarg, which symbolizes the power of the Goddess. This place is highly popular for local food so that you can try some Desi food in that area. Then move forward to Lolab valley. Enjoy the pleasant climate and beautiful sceneries in the valley.

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Day 4 (Outer circle walk and Discover Gulmarg)

Start the day with a simple walk on the outer borders of Gulmarg; it will rejoice your soul and clean all your worries for sure. Apart from the beauty of Gulmarg, you should also discover the lifestyle of Gulmarg. You need to visit the main town area of the city and should interact with the local citizens.

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Day 5 (Alpather Lake)

Plan out the outdoor activities on Day 5. Visit the Alpather Lake in Apharwat peak. This particular lake is always in frozen condition all throughout the year. You can plan those skiing activities and picnic near the Alpather Lake.

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Day 6 (Gulmarg Backcountry)

So, this is the last day of your tour, and you need to make this tour memorable. Make an entry to the Gulmarg Backcountry and experience the thrilling skiing activities.

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Probably, this is the most recommended and relaxing itinerary for Gulmarg holiday packages. Once you decide to buy a Gulmarg holiday package, it is a good idea to get in touch with good holiday package providers and compare the plans.